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We welcome you to NAMI Nebraska Our Voice. This is an opportunity to share your story of struggles, ways that you have faced challenges, and what your life looks like from the world of mental health. The goal of this area of the website is so that you may reach out and touch other peers, friends, families, and visitors so they may better understand the world from your view. All information submitted to the website is also anonymous to the visitors that view your story unless you add your name to your story.  

The Our Voice website is fairly easy to use, and to start, just go to the menu where it says Share Your Story. There, you will be able to sign up and share anything about your life that you feel that is important. You will then receive an email with a link to confirm your account and publish your story. After approval from the NAMI editors, your story will be published. You can then edit or add to your story at any time by signing in and going to the User Dashboard on the menu.

We hope that you will gain something from the chance to share your story on the NAMI Nebraska website, and by sharing our voice, we can make a difference with others.

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  • Bob’s Story

    I am not like that guy in the movie “A Beautiful Mind.” He was a genius. I am not a genius. I am an ordinary guy, an ordinary American citizen, with one exception: I have a major mental illness. Paranoid …... >>
  • Cindy’s Recovery Story

    My name is Cindy Mayer. I have been involved with NAMI for about 14 years. I am a person who has the diagnosis of Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder. I would like to share some of my life experiences and …... >>
  • My Mental Illness Story

    In college, I started having some symptoms. For example, fatigue or loss of energy, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, ¬†impaired concentration, indecisiveness, insomnia or ¬†excessive sleeping, restlessness or feeling slowed down, recurring thoughts of death and suicide, social withdrawal, mood …... >>
  • Anxious to Change

    I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was sixteen years old, but I had it for years previously. I was sick from nerves nearly every morning and was afraid to speak to people. I was fortunate to have any friends, …... >>