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Why should you donate to NAMI Nebraska?
  • We serve thousands of people throughout all of Nebraska.
  • We run support groups and educational classes.
  • We advocate for better mental health policies at the state level.
  • We give educational talks to crush the stigma.
  • We connect anyone who needs it to mental health care resources in their area.

Committing Your Loved One



  • In Nebraska, the law state: a person over the age of 18 cannot be committed against their will unless they are a danger to themselves or to someone else. (click here for more info)
  • If you believe your loved one is not taking care of themselves: not eating, sleeping, taking their medication etc… You can call the police and ask for a wellness check.
  • If you ever feel like a person is an immediate danger to themselves or someone else and may need to be committed, feel free to call the police and ask for the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team). They are trained to deal with mental health crises and can bring your loved one to the hospital for you.
  • You can also petition the Mental Health Board to commit your loved one, if they are living with a mental illness and are a danger to themselves or someone else.
  • You do not need to feel guilty. It is understandable, but not necessary. Committing your loved one against their will does not mean you are punishing them, don’t love them, or think they are a bad person. It is to get them help. It is a good thing. It is not betraying them.
  • The hospital is a good, safe place. Unfortunately, there is strong stigma associated with being hospitalized for psychiatric treatment. However, hospitalization will only help. Not harm.
  • Breaking myths:
    • Committing someone to the hospital does not mean they will stay there forever.
    • Committing someone to the hospital does not mean they won’t get better.
    • Committing someone to the hospital is only the start of the process. [Treatment often continues after leaving the hospital, including medications and psychotherapy.]

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